Frequently Asked Questions – Groups.


How/when will the groups get paid?

All cleared funds will be paid to the Groups at the end of the following month. Please note that some online purchases can take up to 90 days to clear due to the brands return policies.

What reporting do we receive?

At the end of the month, every group receives a report showing how much they have raised. Both from the businesses they bring on, as well as funds raised from GiveShop’s provided brands.

How much income can we expect?

Every group is different, as you will get out what you put in. In our Australian counterpart, GiveShop groups are making on average AUD$24/month per active user, however, if your group is proactive then this number will be higher.

Are there any costs to the group to join and or purchase items through the app?

Joining the GiveShop platform as a group or user is completely free! Our app shows the exact same pricing as those on the brand’s website, however, when you shop through us, the brand will donate a percentage of the sale back to your cause of choice. And it doesn’t cost you a cent extra! 

How do I register my interest for my group?

Visit our groups page to register your interest via our quick form, and a GiveShop team member will get back to you shortly with the next steps.

I'd like to find out a list of businesses already signed up.

The best way to find out what in-store businesses are in your area and what online businesses are signed-up to GiveShop is to download the app and browse through our brands. 

Do we need to register our group in order to receive funds?

Yes, we will need some information about your group prior to receiving any money.

We would like to promote GiveShop on our website. Is there material you can provide?

Absolutely. Contact your Client Success Manager or email us and we can create a bespoke web asset just for you. 

How can I share GiveShop with my community?

There are plenty of ways to share GiveShop with your friends including; sharing the app with your friends using the ‘share with friends’ button in your profile; re-share content from our social media pages; or getting in touch with the GiveShop team and we can arrange a bulk SMS to your group of supporters. Word of mouth is a very powerful tool to build brand trust.

How do we invite local businesses to sponsor our group?

Reach out to your Client Success Manager as we have a letter you can give to the local business you wish to approach. Alternatively, you can direct businesses to our website to register their interest in joining the GiveShop community. We are also here to help so reach out to your Client Success Manager who will help you approach a local business.

How is the sponsorship percentage decided?

For brands already on GiveShop, the brands themselves choose the sponsorship amount. When a business comes on as a group’s exclusive sponsor, the business and the group will negotiate the sponsorship percentage. GiveShop can handle this for the group if required.

I’m interested in registering, where can I find material to share with my committee?

That is great news! We have an info pack on our website which you can download. If you are looking for more, get in touch with our team and someone will be in contact with you shortly to provide all the material you may need.

I’ve registered my group, now what?

Now it’s time to get some supporters on your leaderboard and find some business partners! Once that’s done, sit back and watch the money roll in month after month.

Does this work for all not-for-profits or only registered charities .i.e those which have tax-deduct-ability?

This works for all not-for-profit organisations.

I have pending payouts that are more than 90 days old. When can my group expect to see these funds?

This is done automatically and the funds won’t be far away. If it has been more than 90 days please send us a message and we will investigate for you.

I am wondering if it is possible to get an information kit with what I need to do to set up our group with GiveShop?

Definitely! Have a look at our group page for more information and download our infopack. Your first step will be to register your interest here.

Can individual sporting teams register separately from their club?

If the team gets approval from the overarching club then yes. You will need to use the club’s bank account and their CRN unless the team has its own.

Where does the money that is donated to the sports club/group come from?

The business pays the percentage of sales that is advertised on our app and web app.

I am wondering how the groups receive sponsorship money when no fees are paid?

The businesses donate a percentage of their sales. Our model allows businesses to give back in a socially responsible way while also attracting new customers. 

Will you help us approach local businesses?

Of course! You open the door with an introduction and we will do our best to close it. Contact your Client Success Manager and they will help you every step of the way.

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