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iSponsor is a shopping gateway that serves as a fundraising and sponsorship platform for groups and businesses. We turn everyday spending into fundraising pounds.

Where it started

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A love of sport, community growth
and tech for good.

As an Indigenous Australian who grew up below the poverty line, GiveShop CEO Richard Siganto knows what it’s like to be a young person who isn’t reaching their full potential. Living rurally only added to his limited access to activities that can be incredibly important for a child’s development, such as organised sport. Despite the odds, Richard managed to transcend his circumstances in a way he never thought possible as a child living in poverty. He puts his success down to a combination of creativity, a strong work ethic, and perseverance. His struggles provided him with a survival instinct and fostered an aspiration to help others – to ensure that all children, no matter their socio-economic status, had access to education, sport and other growth opportunities.

Richard’s entrepreneurial spirit led to the conception of iSponsor Australia, and now GiveShop UK. Forged out of adversity, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, iSponsor was created to empower communities and promote “shopping local” in order to build community ties on the grassroots level. 

Since its launch, iSponsor has engaged with over a thousand groups to create constant income and to help build empowered and more resilient communities. iSponsor drives more customers to businesses in Australia through our free and innovative shopping gateway than any other platform. Unlike other fundraising platforms, iSponsor is building stronger communities, creating connections, and boosting local economies through responsible e-commerce.

At the time, iSponsor was the first of its kind in the market, filling the void of social enterprises. We have now launched iSponsor in the US and GiveShop in the UK. 

We knew what we had was special, we just weren’t sure exactly how to implement it. We spent the first 12 months of operation simply on phone calls to clients working on nuances and building a brand. Now we are recognisable nationally [Australia], and have found our market fit. Now we believe we know we have the product that is going to make the world a better place” Richard Siganto

Where it’s going

Did you know that we spend $63 trillion each year on consumer goods and services? Imagine if 5% went back to your community, back to non-profits that are making our world a better place. That’s $3 trillion dollars in the hands of these groups without an extra penny spent by you, the consumer, when you shop through GiveShop. 

To change the world, we must change the game. And that is exactly what iSponsor and GiveShop is doing.

Our goal is to revolutionise fundraising across the globe – a campaign that actually fits with your donor’s budget. We plan on growing fundraising capacities for premier charities throughout the UK and US. Our launch into the UK, is fulfilling our vision of becoming the largest giving forward product in the world. We cannot wait to share our product with communities around the globe. 

Can GiveShop change in your country? Get in touch. 

Our values drive us forward

A word from our CEO, Richard Siganto


GiveShop founder, Richard Siganto has been a small and mid-size enterprise owner as well has volunteered, and coached for grassroots sports clubs for most of his life. His goal with GiveShop is to simply help others who have been in those positions. He wants local sporting clubs to thrive, children’s education to soar, charities to have the means to change the world, and businesses to blossom. He wants to use the GiveShop platform to make the world a little better.

“As a kid growing up below the poverty line, I was ashamed that we couldn’t afford the right school books, play sports and a tertiary education was a dream that people from my neighborhood would never experience. iSponsor and GiveShop are my gift to society that will hopefully help kids growing up in those neighborhoods play more sport, study harder, not be embarrassed and strive for opportunities that they didn’t feel they could.” – Richard Siganto

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