Building happier and healthier communities with iSponsor.


02/02/22, 12:05pm

For businesses: sign up to help local clubs and charities through iSponsor. 

Be part of the iSponsor movement building happier, healthier communities. The iSponsor shopping gateway exists to connect like minded local businesses and community organisations. Register your interest here to become a part of iSponsor or read more about how we can help your business here.

For organisations: expand how you raise funds and gain more local exposure.

Families everywhere are choosing to spend their money with local businesses rather than big conglomerates. To help make sure more money is being spent locally in your community, use the iSponsor giving platform. iSponsor gets notified of every transaction via the app – and up to 9% of transactions are dispersed directly back to the nominated sporting club or charitable organisation. It’s a win win. 

Group of diverse people raising their hands in the air building happier and healthier communities

iSponsor is the easiest way for sporting clubs and charities to raise funds. We want to help sporting clubs and charities everywhere grow, and thrive, by connecting them with local businesses who want to make a positive impact in their community. 

The easy to use iSponsor app uses the latest technology to promote ‘shopping local’ – for everything from food, drink and fashion to electronics and retail. A portion of funds raised through the giving platform are then given directly back to local charitable organisations, so everyone wins! 

Our dedicated team is there to take the hassle out of fundraising and find sponsors to help you continue your mission. 

Happy young and old farmers or gardeners working outdoors at a community farm.

We connect sporting clubs and charities directly with local businesses. 

We build relationships with them so you can focus on growing your organisation.

We encourage the community to support your business through the iSponsor app.

For our efforts, we take a small fee and the rest goes back to your organisation.

Our team is here to help sporting clubs and charities everywhere – no matter how big or small – grow, and thrive. Contact us today to find out more.

iSponsor is dedicated to their mission; Support, Connect, Grow. Empower your local community and club today by downloading the free app and experience charitable giving through the convenience of everyday transactions. 

iSponsor is an innovative giving platform. The technology offers a new-look approach to help local community clubs and charities fundraise with ease and help in building happier healthier communities.

iSponsor is already working alongside some of Australia’s biggest national charities, brands and biggest sports clubs.

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The Queensland based technology platform enables its users to pass on a portion of their local credit and debit card purchases directly back into their affiliated club or charity, at no cost to the consumer.

Recently entering the market, the fast moving start-up iSponsor is driven by an industry experienced team from tech to sales and operations, and already has some of the biggest brands in Australian business and sporting leagues. 

The iSponsor app is free to download on Apple and Android and has already received many 5 star reviews from passionate Australians who appreciate the innovation.  Their communities are learning rapidly (mostly through fast travelling word-of-mouth) about this no-cost-to-consumer fundraising platform, invented by iSponsor.

Find out more about iSponsor HERE.