Frequently Asked Questions – General.


How much does it cost?

The GiveShop app is free to download, free to set up as a group and free to use. Businesses only pay if they are making sales to GiveShop users.

How does GiveShop make money?

Our agreements are with the businesses that are on the app – we take 2% per transaction on top of whatever percentage the business decides to donate as seen on the app.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch, we are very transparent with how GiveShop works. We want to empower communities to thrive and this is how we can.

How GiveShop works out their service fees - is it a flat %?

This can vary depending on the value of the business average transaction however in most cases it is a flat fee of 2.2%

How can I contact GiveShop?

You can contact us on our website or email us directly. Once you register your group or business you will have a dedicated Client Success Manager who will be your direct contact. You can also contact us via our social media pages on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Is there a video to see how GiveShop works?

Definitely! Check out the video on the homepage of our website. You can find more helpful videos on our Youtube channel. 

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