Frequently Asked Questions – App & Website.

app & website.

How do you know where your sponsorship money is going?

Once you have chosen a group to support their logo will be on your screen.

I can't see where to add my default club

If you go into your personal profile in-app, select my organisations, then either add your organisation

I’m having technical trouble with the app, where can I get help?

Please contact with any questions that you may have. We will investigate your enquiries and provide a response as soon as possible. 


How can I invite friends to download the GiveShop app?

There is a share function in your profile, otherwise, share this link with them. 

I am having trouble linking a new card on the app.

If there seems like there is a glitch then please get in touch with us if there is an ongoing issue and we can try to resolve this issue.

How can I see who has contributed to my group?

Please refer to the leaderboard on the app and you will be able to locate all of your group’s supporters. You will also be able to locate the pending and cleared transactions for all supporters. 

Is the app free to download?

It sure is!

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